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Welcome to the PARPG project tracker

The purpose of the tracker

The PARPG project tracker utilizes the Python-based Trac issue tracking system. Trac shares similarities to common bugtrackers but provides additional useful functionality that eases the development process for developers and community members.

What kind of functionality is used

The following Trac features are actively used by the PARPG team:

  • Timeline: tool to visualize all project activities that are monitored by the tracker: e.g. SVN commits, milestones and tickets.
  • Roadmap: an overview over all defined milestones as well as all tickets that are associated with them.
  • Browse source: an excellent SVN browser. Coloured diffs, revision comparision, file viewer.
  • View tickets: a ticket browser. Lists tickets and gives you plenty of options to search for them with different parameters / filters.

What kind of functionality is NOT used

Trac provides a bunch of additional features that we are not using for different reasons:

  • Wiki. We're already using a mediawiki-based solution where all relevant project information for developers but also for community members resides. Therefore we're not using the built-in Trac wiki but the one at:
  • Discussion. Trac comes with the option to utilize a forums-like discussion functionality. As we're already running our own smf-based forums, we won't rely on Trac discussion but use this one:
  • Blog. Trac can be used in combination with a blogging plugin. It's rather limited features-wise and therefore we stick to our Wordpress blog:

Get started with Trac

In case you're not familiar with Trac yet but would like to know more about the software and how to use it, the following links are good starting points: