16:01 Ticket #248 (Transparency in snow of yellow building's roof) created by qubodup@…
You can see in 1:50 of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TEm1pm_N4k#t=1m45s
13:16 Changeset [473] by maximinus_parpg
Added chewies patch to make parpg FIFE 0.3.0 compatible. Thanks to the …


22:30 Changeset [472] by zenbitz
resize portraits for dialog files, clean up dialog files
22:24 Changeset [471] by zenbitz
Utility for scaling images
22:22 Changeset [470] by zenbitz
remove exception for meeting someone you already met
22:21 Changeset [469] by zenbitz
change to so we have give/get
21:33 Ticket #247 (warning message on dialog) created by zenbitz
Widget text needs to be set from an unicode object. Got: Bart The …


10:14 Changeset [468] by barra_parpg
Patch by qubodup: * New audio track anger lonely * Original track: …


17:38 WikiStart edited by barra_parpg
12:57 Ticket #246 (Port PARPG codebase to FIFE 0.3.0 import scheme) created by barra_parpg
The FIFE developers recently updated their engine and switched to a more …


18:37 Ticket #245 (Container animation not playing when same container is opened multiple ...) closed by eliedebrauwer
fixed: (In [467]) Ticket #245: Patch by Belgiar. Fixes open animation when a …
18:36 Changeset [467] by eliedebrauwer
Ticket #245: Patch by Belgiar. Fixes open animation when a container is …


22:05 Ticket #121 (Dialogue Engine & Quest Engine) closed by zenbitz


15:46 Ticket #245 (Container animation not playing when same container is opened multiple ...) created by beliar
When the same animated footlocker is opened multiple times the animation …


08:38 Changeset [466] by b0rland_parpg
Ticket #232: patch by b0rland Fixed a minor bug -- the value was returned …


17:54 Changeset [465] by zenbitz
add all npcs to temp maps for testing, farmer now on map2.xml
17:53 Changeset [464] by zenbitz
added ref to portraits, added to everyone. Other tweaks


23:25 Changeset [463] by zenbitz
final draft dialog files


17:06 Changeset [462] by zenbitz
jacob and camilla, updates to kimmo and janie


00:45 Ticket #244 (Camera should not follow player character) created by qubodup@…
Currently the camera follows the player, like in Diablo1/2. PARPG however …
00:40 Ticket #243 (Put descriptions in message area or floating text, not in windows) created by qubodup@…
PARPG uses pop-ups for descriptions of objects the player 'inspect's. …


23:44 Ticket #242 (Dialog file: Synnove) created by zenbitz
Dialog YAML file needed for Synnove, Innkeepers daugher See …
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