12:31 Ticket #94 (Add a console command to display a grid overlay on the map) closed by Kaydeth_parpg
fixed: (In [281]) Ticket: #94: Patch by amo-ej1. grid console command added to …
12:31 Changeset [281] by Kaydeth_parpg
Ticket: #94: Patch by amo-ej1. "grid" console command added to display a …
03:22 Changeset [280] by bretzel_parpg
Patch by Bretzel. * Wrote a parser for the new syntax I developed (I will …


16:35 Ticket #87 (Actor animation after approach is wrong) closed by orlandov
fixed: fixed by orlandov in revision 278
16:35 Ticket #79 (Move the Container display to the Hud class) closed by orlandov
fixed: fixed by orlandov in revision 277


12:41 Ticket #95 (When using the quit keyboard shorutcut sometimes mouse clicks will do ...) created by kaydeth_parpg
How to Repeat: Open the Yes/No? quit prompt by pressing the quit keyboard …
08:32 Changeset [279] by b0rland_parpg
Ticket #67: Patch by b0rland * Moved GameObject? tests to a separate file …
00:39 Changeset [278] by orlandov
Ticket #87: PC actor should idle after carrying out action
00:39 Changeset [277] by orlandov
Ticket #79: Move the container display and examine popup code from World …


20:59 Changeset [276] by orlandov
Ticket #67: Refactor unit tests into runnable shape * Move tests to their …
07:57 Ticket #92 (Inventory event handling bug) closed by b0rland_parpg
07:53 Changeset [275] by b0rland_parpg
Ticket #92: Patch by b0rland. Fixing the focus stealing bug. We need to be …


18:26 Ticket #94 (Add a console command to display a grid overlay on the map) created by kaydeth_parpg
A tile grid overlay is need for various things including fine tuning …
18:26 Changeset [274] by barra_parpg
* Commit email template test * Removed unwanted win32 thumbnail files
18:13 Changeset [273] by sirren_parpg
New NPC animations
12:21 Ticket #85 (Duplicates of ContainerGUI Class) closed by kaydeth_parpg
fixed: Fixed by Ticket #91 in revision [267]. The gui_container.py file was …
06:49 Changeset [272] by barra_parpg
Patch by mvbarracuda: * Cleaned up old animation static files that were …
02:38 Changeset [271] by orlandov
Change the filenames in the NPC walk animation xml files to point to the …
02:03 Changeset [270] by orlandov
Fix Issue #78 * Fully move the inventory display logic from World to Hud. …


22:02 Changeset [269] by barra_parpg
Patch by Sirren: * New woman NPC animations * TODO: * Modify …
07:34 Changeset [268] by b0rland_parpg
Ticket #77: * Hud class now gets the list of supported fullscreen …
07:30 Ticket #77 (Add support for more resolutions) closed by b0rland_parpg


19:11 Ticket #91 (Fixes to work with FIFE r3003+) closed by kaydeth_parpg
fixed: fixed in revision [267]
19:09 Changeset [267] by Kaydeth_parpg
Ticket #91: Patch by phoku. The drag and drop logic in ContainerGUI class …
18:01 Changeset [266] by Kaydeth_parpg
* How does this look? * Does it appear on separate lines without line …


21:01 Ticket #72 (Merge <map> and <map>_objects XML files) closed by kaydeth_parpg
16:02 Ticket #93 (Mouse over text for NPCs needs correction) created by kaydeth_parpg
Ticket #69 removed the "desc" attribute from crates. This resulted in …
15:55 Changeset [265] by Kaydeth_parpg
Ticket #72: Patch by Kaydeth. Corrected the mouseover text for crates. I …
15:05 Changeset [264] by Kaydeth_parpg
Ticket #72: Patch by Kaydeth. The separate objects file was merged back …


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23:16 Changeset [263] by orlandov
testing that orlandov can use svn
20:21 Ticket #80 (Move Context Menus to Hud Class) closed by b0rland_parpg
fixed: Patch by superfluid applied and committed.
20:21 Ticket #78 (Move the Inventory display to the Hud class) closed by b0rland_parpg
fixed: Patch by superfluid applied and committed.
16:00 Changeset [262] by barra_parpg
Patch by mvbarracuda: * Applied svn:eol-style >> native to all Python …


09:05 Ticket #92 (Inventory event handling bug) created by b0rland_parpg
Steps to reproduce: 1) Open Inventory window via any possible method ('I' …
08:56 Changeset [261] by b0rland_parpg
Ticket #78, #80: Patch by superfluid. Moving the hud events and context …


15:32 Ticket #90 (FIFE updates require some changes in PARPG) closed by Kaydeth_parpg
duplicate: Duplicate of Ticket #91
15:26 Ticket #91 (Fixes to work with FIFE r3003+) created by phoku/FIFE
Fixed inventory.py to work with latest fife trunk. Hope you don't mind me …
15:25 Ticket #90 (FIFE updates require some changes in PARPG) created by Kaydeth_parpg
pychan had an API change that needs correction in PARPG


09:03 Ticket #89 (FIFE patches) created by b0rland_parpg
Create a /fife-patches directory in parpg repository: it will contain …


10:50 Changeset [260] by barra_parpg
* Updated batch files to copy oalinst.exe into the PARPG folder


23:21 Changeset [259] by Kaydeth_parpg
Testing commit e-mail
22:54 Ticket #88 (Fallout style buildings) created by Kaydeth_parpg
As a player, I want to shoot into a house from the outside and the other …
22:17 Changeset [258] by barra_parpg
* Changed filename scheme for animations as the current one seems to cause …
11:12 Changeset [257] by barra_parpg
* Changed idle animation playback rate from 5 to 8 fps
09:57 Changeset [256] by barra_parpg
* Overhauled player character animations by Sirren
09:24 Ticket #1 (Evaluate and tidy rio code) closed by tZee_parpg
wontfix: This is a bit outdated.
09:23 Ticket #65 (separate map class) closed by tZee_parpg
fixed: Map data extracted to new class. Cameras have to be decided on, but that …
08:28 Ticket #87 (Actor animation after approach is wrong) created by tZee_parpg
Problem: After approaching an object, when the action finished, the …


17:30 Ticket #86 (Remove unnecessary duplication from PARPGFileBrowser) closed by tZee_parpg
fixed: Patch applied. Thanks Sanitor. tZee
17:29 Changeset [255] by tZee_parpg
#86 Applied Saritor's patch.
17:29 Changeset [254] by tZee_parpg
#65 Call of loading function changed.
17:24 Changeset [253] by tZee_parpg
#65 Exported map data in a separate class. Next is to sort out the loading …
08:04 Ticket #86 (Remove unnecessary duplication from PARPGFileBrowser) created by b0rland_parpg
PARPGFileBrowser is a subclass of FileBrowser? that, in addition, verifies …
03:28 Changeset [252] by bretzel_parpg
Changed the tab width from 80 pixels to 40
01:11 Changeset [251] by bretzel_parpg
Started on putting options in the dialog map


23:45 Changeset [250] by bretzel_parpg
Added some functionality to the dialog map
18:13 Ticket #68 (improve code) closed by tZee_parpg
17:10 Ticket #84 (Walk animation for PC) closed by barra_parpg
fixed: Fixed by [248]
17:09 Changeset [249] by barra_parpg
* Deleted thumbs.db files that were commited by accident * Added …
17:05 Changeset [248] by barra_parpg
* New player character idle & walk animation by Sirren * Looks pretty …
15:11 Changeset [247] by Atomic_parpg
Initial upload. Class Diagram for PARPG as of rev. 233
15:07 Changeset [246] by Atomic_parpg
Atomic's test flight
12:44 Changeset [245] by barra_parpg
* Weapon sounds by Gary: …
12:24 Changeset [244] by barra_parpg
* Removing now unneeded tools directory
12:08 Changeset [243] by barra_parpg
* Renamed writing editor to follow the new SVN filename / directory name …
11:58 Changeset [242] by barra_parpg
* Removed outdated code-docs; they can be found online and are daily …
11:50 Changeset [241] by barra_parpg
* Tools directory for all kind of already existing and to be created asset …
11:44 Changeset [240] by barra_parpg
* Renamed trunk/PARPG to trunk/game to avoid using PARPG in the SVN URL …
09:13 Changeset [239] by b0rland_parpg
Test passed
09:08 Changeset [238] by barra_parpg
* TEST file for SVN account testing purposes


20:23 Ticket #85 (Duplicates of ContainerGUI Class) created by Cruul
ContainerGUI exists in popups.py and gui_container.py. It's established …


15:59 Ticket #81 (Simplify ContainerGUI Slot-setup.) closed by Kaydeth_parpg
fixed: Patch committed
15:55 Changeset [237] by Kaydeth_parpg
code cleanup. Closes Ticket #81
15:45 Ticket #84 (Walk animation for PC) created by Kaydeth_parpg
Setup PC animation with animation graphics found here: …
04:23 Changeset [236] by bretzel_parpg
Updated the readme with dependency instructions
03:55 Changeset [235] by bretzel_parpg
Forgot to commit an image
03:55 Changeset [234] by bretzel_parpg
Started on the parser and dialog map


13:09 Ticket #83 (Code cleanup: Class variable initialization) created by Kaydeth_parpg
2) Referencing instance variables in one method that were initialized in …
13:05 Ticket #82 (Code cleanup: Class variable declaration) created by Kaydeth_parpg
1) Declaring variables inside methods as instance variables unnecessarily, …
04:15 Changeset [233] by bretzel_parpg
Added an example to the docs. Added a SCRIPTNAME function


23:34 Ticket #81 (Simplify ContainerGUI Slot-setup.) created by Cruul
Convert list of slot-commands in init of ContainerGUI in popups.py to …
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