22:35 Changeset [217] by bretzel_parpg
This is what I have so far for the writing editor. All the features in it …


15:18 Ticket #76 (Graphical assets import pipeline) created by barra_parpg
As a graphics designer, I want to have a tool to easily import my rendered …


14:31 Changeset [216] by barra_parpg
* Rendering setup for 3d studio max supplied by Border * For details how …
01:22 Ticket #75 (Implement a debug console) created by Kaydeth_parpg
Implement the framework of an in game debug console that can be accessed …
01:11 Ticket #74 (Implement framework for dialog options in npc dialog) created by anonymous
This is the first step in implementing a multiple tree dialog system. The …


18:29 Ticket #73 (Saving/Loading of the game does not work) created by Kaydeth_parpg
The Saving/Loading? functionality needs to be fixed. It was broken by some …
18:26 Ticket #72 (Merge <map> and <map>_objects XML files) created by Kaydeth_parpg
The data for a map should be included in one file, including all instances …


19:47 Changeset [215] by sirren_parpg
A simple knife


16:50 Changeset [214] by barra_parpg
* New wall & waterpump blender models by Zimble


19:10 Ticket #71 (Initializer breakage in base.py for Python >= v2.6) closed by tZee_parpg
fixed: Thanks for the patch. :)
19:10 Changeset [213] by tZee_parpg
#71 Applied Jason's patch to fix issues with Python 2.6 + fixed the issue …
18:55 Ticket #70 (merge 'approachXYZ' functions of PC) closed by tZee_parpg
18:54 Changeset [212] by tZee_parpg
#70 Merged the approach functions and added a tiny action queue for the …


05:55 Ticket #71 (Initializer breakage in base.py for Python >= v2.6) created by jason@…
I got this error trying to run PARPG on a brand-new installation: ----- …


03:55 Changeset [211] by bretzel_parpg
I think I forgot to commit these


08:53 Changeset [210] by barra_parpg
* Improvised ice axe by Lamoot, inspired by Zeli's concept art * …


22:11 Changeset [209] by bretzel_parpg
The examine popup now uses pychan's built in word wrap instead of the …
21:55 Changeset [208] by bretzel_parpg
Added a getItems function to inventory.py that will return a dictionary …
19:12 Changeset [207] by sirren_parpg
Nagant revolver
15:15 Changeset [206] by bretzel_parpg
Added a new game button to the main menu. At the moment it doesn't do …
15:02 Changeset [205] by bretzel_parpg
Inventory now takes an items argument which tells the inventory what items …
14:50 Changeset [204] by bretzel_parpg
Fixed an import error because snow01.xml, snow02.xml, and snow03.xml had …
09:54 Changeset [203] by barra_parpg
* New rock objects & snow tiles by Lamoot * XML definition files …


23:20 Changeset [202] by bretzel_parpg
Fixed some things in the drag and drop code
15:32 Changeset [201] by bretzel_parpg
Fixed some stuff with opening boxes
02:25 Changeset [200] by bretzel_parpg
Added the PARPG header/license agreement
02:15 Changeset [199] by bretzel_parpg
The descriptions now fully work and the open box window now deals with …


23:19 Changeset [198] by tZee_parpg
* changed objectLoader to do only what it is supposed to do * thus the …
22:54 Changeset [197] by bretzel_parpg
Fixed examining and opening objects
14:07 Changeset [196] by barra_parpg
* Fixed Thumbs.db ignore property
13:45 Changeset [195] by barra_parpg
* New 3d models by continuum * See: …


22:12 Changeset [194] by barra_parpg
* Getting rid of win32 auto-thumbnails
22:04 Changeset [193] by sirren_parpg
07/09/2009 added a wolf, a female raider and a submg
22:00 Changeset [192] by sirren_parpg
07/08/2009 Added a wolf, a sub MG and a female raider.
08:52 Ticket #70 (merge 'approachXYZ' functions of PC) created by tZee_parpg
Problem: Right now the player character has 'approachDoor()', …
08:50 Ticket #69 (merge game object attributes 'desc' and 'text') created by tZee_parpg
Problem: Attribute 'name' is what should be displayed on mouseOver. …
08:30 Ticket #68 (improve code) created by tZee_parpg
Problem: Actors and their behaviour are interlinked too much, adding too …
08:23 Ticket #67 (unit tests for base classes) created by tZee_parpg
Problem: There are some unit tests already, but not a complete set. …
08:16 Ticket #66 (re-implement doors/teleporters) created by tZee_parpg
Problem: We moved the code to the new game objects format. Right now doors …
08:09 Ticket #65 (separate map class) created by tZee_parpg
Problem: Currently map data is held in the world class. Solution: Extract …
02:15 Changeset [191] by bretzel_parpg
Word wrap is now implemented. Since pychan doesn't have it built in, you …
01:32 Changeset [190] by bretzel_parpg
Forgot this file :D
01:31 Changeset [189] by bretzel_parpg
The examine function now works. Added a 'desc' attribute to all …
00:54 Changeset [188] by tZee_parpg
Missed this one in the last commit.
00:46 Changeset [187] by tZee_parpg
Moved code to the new object classes and the new objectLoader.py. (N)PC …


20:01 Changeset [186] by meggie_parpg
Added a reference of the current map's ObjectLayer? to the objectLoader …


17:47 Changeset [185] by bretzel_parpg
Restructured the dragging and dropping data a bit
13:01 Changeset [184] by barra_parpg
* Renamed source to media * Got rid of the FIFE_patches folder as it does …
12:44 Changeset [183] by barra_parpg
* 3d models by Sirren; exported to obj. format as he's not using Blender
02:19 Changeset [182] by bretzel_parpg
Put some help text in and also made it look better. I'm not very happy …
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