17:22 Changeset [117] by bretzel_parpg
Removed a testing line: print evt.getX()
17:19 Changeset [116] by maximinus_parpg
Amended context_menu.py.
17:00 Changeset [115] by bretzel_parpg
Added a context menu when you right click. At the moment it will only give …
16:35 Changeset [114] by maximinus_parpg
Added meggies code to move the NPC Good work!
16:05 Changeset [113] by bretzel_parpg
Fixed some layout issues in the main menu and the options menu
15:39 Changeset [112] by bretzel_parpg
Cleaned up hud.py


09:50 Changeset [111] by maximinus_parpg
Started building code to handle objects. Small update to objLoader.py. …
04:01 Changeset [110] by maximinus_parpg
Cleaned up and simplified world.py
03:55 Changeset [109] by maximinus_parpg
Forgot to add new objLoader.py file
03:53 Changeset [108] by maximinus_parpg
Seperated XML logic out from engine.py Removed redundant code from …


17:18 Changeset [107] by bretzel_parpg
Changed some code in the HUD so that the actions box will show with the …
16:49 Changeset [106] by bretzel_parpg
The gui's icons will now be arranged properly in all resolutions
04:17 Changeset [105] by maximinus_parpg
Cleaned up the map and removed the test files. Small clean-up of XML and …
04:01 Changeset [104] by maximinus_parpg
Objects now highlight on mouse over. Object right-clicking is pixel base, …


20:07 Changeset [103] by bretzel_parpg
Added ready slots to HUD. The image on the ready slot on the HUD will …
18:56 Changeset [102] by bretzel_parpg
Fixed some issues with the main menu display


20:37 Changeset [101] by barra_parpg
* New snow tiles by Zimble * Replaced grass with snow on the test map
13:13 Changeset [100] by maximinus_parpg
Fixed broken hud xml file.


18:57 Changeset [99] by bretzel_parpg
Made the character preview have a transparent background instead of …
18:53 Changeset [98] by bretzel_parpg
Added a character preview to the inventory and re-arranged it to fit …
15:36 Changeset [97] by bretzel_parpg
Added a simple help menu that can be accessed off of the main menu
12:59 Changeset [96] by barra_parpg
* Native line endings for all XML files
12:50 Changeset [95] by maximinus_parpg
Added windows check on gfxsplit.py
12:49 Changeset [94] by barra_parpg
* Removed settings.xml from SVN as it should be unversioned to fulfil it's …
08:20 Changeset [93] by maximinus_parpg
gfxsplit works - at last! Cleaned up all the testing files. Added new …
07:39 Changeset [92] by maximinus_parpg
Added new building. gfxslplit.py almost works now. Tidied up some files.
06:19 Changeset [91] by maximinus_parpg
Big update to gfxsplit.py It almost works now. Added small wall section to …
04:11 Changeset [90] by bretzel_parpg
Added a few comments and changed the text on the set to defaults button
01:35 Changeset [89] by bretzel_parpg
Added a button that sets all the options to default
01:15 Changeset [88] by bretzel_parpg
Added settings-dist.xml so that if there is no settings.xml, it will copy …


15:37 Changeset [87] by maximinus_parpg
Grrrr. Fixed for barra
15:29 Changeset [86] by maximinus_parpg
Ok, now it really works :P
15:18 Changeset [85] by maximinus_parpg
Fixed bug in gfxsplit.py
10:01 Changeset [84] by maximinus_parpg
Amended gfxsplit.py Added test gfx


17:10 Changeset [83] by barra_parpg
* Added .png & .db (win32 thumbs) to SVN ignore
17:03 Changeset [82] by barra_parpg
* Screenshot date fix by Cheesesucker (":" are not allowed in filenames …
09:49 Changeset [81] by maximinus_parpg
Slowly starting to build the code to auto-split buildiings. …
03:05 Changeset [80] by bretzel_parpg
Added lots of stuff: -> Changed some code in the HUD so it will be easier …


13:43 Changeset [79] by maximinus_parpg
Fixed horrible text, looks better. Changed a few typos.
13:27 Changeset [78] by maximinus_parpg
Text over objects works Ugly, but it works Thanks to CheeseSucker? for the …
12:10 Changeset [77] by maximinus_parpg
Added new code for object display


16:17 Changeset [76] by bretzel_parpg
Added a functional options menu to the game. Right now it has options for …


21:40 Changeset [75] by bretzel_parpg
Added an options menu. It has pretty much nothing in it.
16:09 Changeset [74] by bretzel_parpg
Added the first version of the HUD. Also updated the inventory so that …


04:06 Changeset [73] by bretzel_parpg
Fixed one issue in world.py
04:04 Changeset [72] by bretzel_parpg
Screenshots now appear in the form of …


16:34 Changeset [71] by bretzel_parpg
Put the inventory logic into displayInventory, which was already there and …


13:28 Changeset [70] by maximinus_parpg
Maximinus note to self: Don't write code at work! Fixed broken code :-(, …
09:42 Changeset [69] by maximinus_parpg
Started incrementing object complexity. Now you can map or non map …


16:21 Changeset [68] by maximinus_parpg
Cleaned up NPC class (a lot) Right-clicking an object now shows info, …
09:54 Changeset [67] by maximinus_parpg
All code now PEP-8 standard, with spaces
02:20 Changeset [66] by maximinus_parpg
OK, you win Bretzel... Lots of small annoying PEP 8 standards correction.


16:48 Changeset [65] by maximinus_parpg
Cleaned some code in /scripts/inventory.py Optimised some logic in …
16:30 Changeset [64] by bretzel_parpg
Fixed error: ImportError?: No module named application
16:22 Changeset [63] by bretzel_parpg
Integrated the inventory into the PARPG demo. Press I to show/hide the …
16:17 Changeset [62] by maximinus_parpg
Large restructure of PC and NPC classes. Data seperation is a lot cleaner. …
15:55 Changeset [61] by bretzel_parpg
Added bretzel to the authors
15:52 Changeset [60] by bretzel_parpg
Fixed a typo in the readme


23:30 Changeset [59] by eleazzaar_parpg
adding a third grass tile.
13:42 Changeset [58] by maximinus_parpg
Made it so we only have one keycheck function (sanity at last!) A few more …
09:24 Changeset [57] by barra_parpg
* Modified y shifts for the crates to work around visual blocking issues
08:22 Changeset [56] by maximinus_parpg
Added bhaydens screenshot code. Added new screenshots folder. Updated …
07:54 Changeset [55] by maximinus_parpg
Objects now loaded from seperate XML file. Cleaned up some small areas in …
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