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    initial v3  
     1I have attached the first cut of skills. 
     2It was easier just to have a big list for testing; obviously many of these could be trimmed. 
     4The format is more or less straight forward, if implementer doesn't like .xlsx (new MS excel) I will be happy to dump it tab delimited or something.  Maybe even YAML if you ask very nicely. 
     6The first column is the skill name (unless has a # --> comment), it's tab-indented to show tree structure.  This version of the tree has no cross-values (that would make it a DAG). 
     81. stat f1      2. stat f2      3.stat  f3      D       Org 
     10Each stat has 6 columns in 3 pairs of stat/fraction.  Some skills only have 1 stat.  Fractions sum to 1 (total column).  "D" is a place holder indicating difficulty - Divide by D to get a "harder" skill to learn.   For now "D" is always 1 except for rare military skills.  Org "origin" is either "Old" (indicating the skill is only available to a character with a pre-war origin), or blank (any one can buy)