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#195 Top of cistern / tanker truck [3D scenery] top of the cistern, tanker truck, model reopened parpg task major
#250 Play random music random, audio, shuffle reopened parpg enhancement major
#251 Transparent shadows on some rendered graphics transparency, graphics new parpg bug major
#253 Some unit tests are broken unit tests, unittests, fife import scheme new parpg bug major
#256 Long dialog phrases are cut newbie new parpg bug major
#264 Character customization based on stats and attributes character customization, stats, attributes new parpg epic user story major
#274 Allow to move camera/viewport with keyboard arrows (and sensitivity?) map, viewport, camera, movement, controls, keyboard, mouse new parpg enhancement major
#283 Player character inventory inventory, items new parpg epic user story major
#291 GUI dropdown lists crash PARPG ingame dropdown, pychan, crash new parpg bug major
#309 Predefined character selection character, selection, predefined new parpg user story major
#323 Testing Framework tests, testing, framework, regression, unit test new parpg epic user story major
#390 using discounts to save refinance moncler watches new parpg sprint task major
#88 Fallout style buildings fallout, buildings, component-based new parpg user story minor
#146 Dialogue editor dialogue, creation, GUI new parpg epic user story minor
#152 Implement animated main menu newbie, main menu, pychan new parpg enhancement minor
#249 Convert functions and variable names coding standards, code style new parpg user story minor
#259 Bartering with NPCs bartering, npcs new parpg epic user story minor
#282 Looting of items looting, items new parpg epic user story minor
#284 Asset validation tool asset pipeline, validation tool new parpg user story minor
#289 Sound effects import pipeline sound effects, tool new parpg user story minor
#293 Ingame Python console ingame console new parpg epic user story minor
#294 Procedurally generated maps proceduarlly generated content, maps new parpg epic user story minor
#335 huckleberry garcinia cambogia dosage masturbate Garcinia Cambogia Review Pure Garcinia Cambogia Garcinia Cambogia Extract new parpg spike minor
#363 how to make your teeth white fast Spark Whitening new parpg bug minor
#336 Eco-Friendly Science Honest Projects Garcinia HCA And Green Coffee Bean Green Coffee Bean Diets Order Green Coffee Bean new parpg sprint task trivial
#337 Sound Suggestions You Need To Read through Before Getting A Pay Day Loan Click And Loans Click And Loans Buy Quick n Loan new parpg user story trivial
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