02/21/11 22:51:42 (9 years ago)

Patch by Aspidites:

  • renamed scripts package to parpg
  • renamed parpg module to application
  • removed packaging and other related files (kept locally for reference, will reintroduce similar scripts to resolve bug #275
  • updated all import statements to respect changes above
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  • branches/active/character_customization/tools/pychan_designer/fonts/freefont/COPYING

    r716 r736  
    134134  The "Corresponding Source" for a work in object code form means all 
    135135the source code needed to generate, install, and (for an executable 
    136 work) run the object code and to modify the work, including scripts to 
     136work) run the object code and to modify the work, including parpg to 
    137137control those activities.  However, it does not include the work's 
    138138System Libraries, or general-purpose tools or generally available free 
  • branches/active/character_customization/tools/pychan_designer/fonts/freefont/CREDITS

    r716 r736  
    6767Between April 1990 and March 1992, Wadalab Kanji Comittee put together 
    68 a series of scalable font files with Japanese scripts, in four forms: 
     68a series of scalable font files with Japanese parpg, in four forms: 
    6969Sai Micho, Chu Mincho, Cho Kaku and Saimaru. The font files are 
    7070written in custom file format, while tools for conversion into 
    329329M/S Cyberscape Multimedia Limited, Mumbai, developers of Akruti 
    330330Software for Indian Languages (http://www.akruti.com/), have released 
    331 a set of TTF fonts for nine Indian scripts (Devanagari, Gujarati, 
     331a set of TTF fonts for nine Indian parpg (Devanagari, Gujarati, 
    332332Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Oriya, and Gurumukhi) 
    333333under the GNU General Public License (GPL). You can download the fonts 
    502502* George Douros 
    504 The creator of several fonts focusing on ancient scripts and symbols. 
     504The creator of several fonts focusing on ancient parpg and symbols. 
    505505Many of the glyphs are created by making outlines from scanned images 
    506506of ancient sources. 
  • branches/active/character_customization/tools/pychan_designer/fonts/freefont/ChangeLog

    r716 r736  
    613613        * FreeSerifItalic.sfd: 
    615         Changed lookup table scripts for Devanagari and Bengali. 
     615        Changed lookup table parpg for Devanagari and Bengali. 
    616616        Find Problems -> ATT found several problems showing lookups acting on 
    617617        glyphs that weren't listed in the script ranges, including dev2, bng2 
    620620        danda and doubledanda of Devanagari I understand are to be shared among 
    621         Indic scripts.  So included bng2 and dev2 in the 'aalt' table for those. 
     621        Indic parpg.  So included bng2 and dev2 in the 'aalt' table for those. 
    623623        The 'init' and 'half' tables for Bengali made active for bng2. 
    838838        * FreeSerifBold.sfd, FreeSerifBoldItalic.sfd, FreeSerifItalic.sfd: 
    840         Added some Superscripts and Subscripts 
     840        Added some Superparpg and Subparpg 
    842842        * FreeMono.sfd, FreeMonoBold.sfd, FreeMonoBoldOblique.sfd, FreeMonoOblique.sfd: 
    844         Finished off Superscripts and subscripts 
     844        Finished off Superparpg and subparpg 
    846846        Completed General Punctuation for Mono faces 
    14321432        Unicode ranges) into the Private Use area. 
    1434         In Serif, I segregated the scripts, in Sans it was hard to see where one 
     1434        In Serif, I segregated the parpg, in Sans it was hard to see where one 
    14351435        began and another ended, so I moved them en masse. 
    14411441        * FreeSansBold.sfd, FreeSansOblique.sfd: 
    1443         Fixed (I hope the last) problem with scripts in lookups 
     1443        Fixed (I hope the last) problem with parpg in lookups 
    14441444        Find Problems -> ATT (all selected) finds multiple issues, 
    14461446        * FreeSansBold.sfd: 
    1447         In addition to script 'guru', added 'gur2' to the scripts for these 
     1447        In addition to script 'guru', added 'gur2' to the parpg for these 
    14481448        lookups 
    14491449                'nukt' Nukta forms in Gurmukhi 
    14561456        * FreeSansOblique.sfd: 
    1457         In addition to script 'beng', added 'bng2' to the scripts for the lookup 
     1457        In addition to script 'beng', added 'bng2' to the parpg for the lookup 
    14581458                'half' Half Forms in Bengali 
    14611461                'aalt' Access All Alternates in Latin 
    14621462        contains only Bengali letters. 
    1463         Re-named as Bengali, made to work on beng, bng2 scripts 
     1463        Re-named as Bengali, made to work on beng, bng2 parpg 
    146514652008-06-20 Steve White 
    18791879        Deleted ranges for Oriya, Kannada, on account of 
    1880         1) they only contained a subset of the consonant glyphs of the scripts, 
     1880        1) they only contained a subset of the consonant glyphs of the parpg, 
    18811881           few if any vowels, and had no ligature lookups as required 
    18821882        2) Kannada was based on the Akurti fonts, which have copyright issues. 
    19821982        * FreeMono.sfd, FreeSans.sfd, FreeSerif.sfd: 
    1984         More work on Superscripts and Subscripts, Spacing Modifiers. 
     1984        More work on Superparpg and Subparpg, Spacing Modifiers. 
    19851985        Sans is now complete in both. 
    19861986        Added Pfennig to Sans and Mono. 
    26582658        A previous commit had added lookups that referred to these, 
    2660         More fiddling with super/subscripts 
     2660        More fiddling with super/subparpg 
    26622662        * Makefile, Makefile, GenerateTrueType: 
    27742774        # A couple of Indic lookups had incorrect script DFLT; one had 'latn'. 
    2776         # Don't understand why there are scripts named 
     2776        # Don't understand why there are parpg named 
    27772777                dev2 bng2 grj2 gur2 when there are already deva beng gurj guru 
    27782778          But anyway, lots of 'vatu' 'pres' 'haln' and 'liga' lookups contained 
    2779           characters in the '2' scripts but were lablled only for the 'non-2'  
    2780           ones.  Added the '2' scripts to all these lookups. Suspect a mistake. 
     2779          characters in the '2' parpg but were lablled only for the 'non-2'  
     2780          ones.  Added the '2' parpg to all these lookups. Suspect a mistake. 
    27822782        Note: several of these problems are repeated in other Sans faces. 
    29932993        * sfd/*.sfd: started removing glyphs with back layers (printing bug) 
    29942994        * sfd/*.sfd: adjusted vulgar fractions (bug #17756) 
    2995         * sfd/*.sfd: adjusted numerical superscripts (bug #20278) 
     2995        * sfd/*.sfd: adjusted numerical superparpg (bug #20278) 
    299729972008-02-18  Steve White 
    36873687        (U+2070-2079). 
    3689         * sfd/FreeSansBold.sfd - added subscripts and superscripts 
     3689        * sfd/FreeSansBold.sfd - added subparpg and superparpg 
    36903690        (U+2070-208F), completed fractions (U+2152-215F) and Roman 
    36913691        numerals (U+2160-217F). 
    39183918        * sfd/FreeSerifBold.sfd, sfd/FreeSerifItalic.sfd - Started working 
    3919         on super- and subscripts.  
     3919        on super- and subparpg.  
    392139212003-09-12  Primoz Peterlin  <primoz.peterlin@biofiz.mf.uni-lj.si> 
    39263926        * sfd/FreeSansBold.sfd - Cleared background characters in Latin 
    39273927        Extended-A. Added some automatically constructed characters in 
    3928         Latin Extended-B. Started with superscripts and subscripts. 
     3928        Latin Extended-B. Started with superparpg and subparpg. 
    39303930        * sfd/FreeSans.sfd - Subscript numerals (U+2080-U+2089) completed. 
    39663966        * sfd/FreeSerif.sfd - Clean-up of the Cyrillic letters added on 
    3967         March 27; super- and subscripts, vulgar fractions. 
     3967        March 27; super- and subparpg, vulgar fractions. 
    396939692003-05-09  Primoz Peterlin  <primoz.peterlin@biofiz.mf.uni-lj.si> 
    42914291        Miscellaneous Symbols area. 
    4293         * sfd/FreeMonoBoldOblique.sfd - Added subscripts, superscripts and 
     4293        * sfd/FreeMonoBoldOblique.sfd - Added subparpg, superparpg and 
    42944294        vulgar fractions. 
    42974297        Latin and Cyrillic. 
    4299         * sfd/FreeMonoBold.sfd - Added subscripts, superscripts and vulgar 
     4299        * sfd/FreeMonoBold.sfd - Added subparpg, superparpg and vulgar 
    43004300        fractions. 
    430243022002-04-15  Primoz Peterlin  <primoz.peterlin@biofiz.mf.uni-lj.si> 
    4304         * www/design-notes.html - Updated notes on super-/subscripts in 
     4304        * www/design-notes.html - Updated notes on super-/subparpg in 
    43054305        Free Mono Bold. Separate subsections for Free Mono regular and 
    43064306        Free Mono Bold. 
  • branches/active/character_customization/tools/pychan_designer/fonts/freefont/README

    r716 r736  
    4444Which font shapes should be made?  Historical style terms like Renaissance 
    4545or Baroque letterforms cannot be applied beyond Latin/Cyrillic/Greek 
    46 scripts to any greater extent than Kufi or Nashki can be applied beyond 
     46parpg to any greater extent than Kufi or Nashki can be applied beyond 
    4747Arabic script; "italic" is really only meaningful for Latin letters.  
  • branches/active/character_customization/tools/pychan_designer/pychan_designer.py

    r716 r736  
    1212from fife.extensions import pychan 
    14 from scripts.common.optionparser import OptionParser, OptionError 
    15 from scripts.common.utils import dedent_chomp 
    16 from scripts import gui 
     14from parpg.common.optionparser import OptionParser, OptionError 
     15from parpg.common.utils import dedent_chomp 
     16from parpg import gui 
    1818USAGE_MESSAGE = '''\ 
  • branches/active/character_customization/tools/writing_editor/data/recent_files.txt

    r217 r736  
    1 /home/brett/fife/clients/writingEditor/scripts/writingEditor.py 
  • branches/active/character_customization/tools/writing_editor/run.py

    r584 r736  
    2020from PyQt4 import QtCore, QtGui 
    21 from scripts.writingEditor import WritingEditor 
     21from parpg.writingEditor import WritingEditor 
    2323def createApplication(): 
  • branches/active/character_customization/tools/writing_editor/scripts/dialogMap.py

    r584 r736  
    1818from PyQt4 import QtGui, QtCore 
    19 from scripts.parser import parse 
     19from parpg.parser import parse 
    2121class DialogScene(object): 
  • branches/active/character_customization/tools/writing_editor/scripts/writingEditor.py

    r584 r736  
    2121from ui.editor_ui import Ui_writingEditor 
    2222from ui.popupWindows import * 
    23 from scripts.syntaxHighlight import SyntaxHighlighter 
    24 from scripts.settings import Settings 
    25 from scripts.dialogMap import DialogMap 
    26 from scripts.parser import parse 
     23from parpg.syntaxHighlight import SyntaxHighlighter 
     24from parpg.settings import Settings 
     25from parpg.dialogMap import DialogMap 
     26from parpg.parser import parse 
  • branches/active/character_customization/tools/writing_editor/ui/popupWindows.py

    r584 r736  
    1818from PyQt4 import QtGui, QtCore 
    19 from scripts.syntaxHighlight import SyntaxHighlighter 
     19from parpg.syntaxHighlight import SyntaxHighlighter 
    2121class AboutWindow(QtGui.QMainWindow): 
    9898        @type parent: QtGui.QWidget? 
    9999        @param parent: the parent widget 
    100         @type settings: scripts.settings.Settings 
     100        @type settings: parpg.settings.Settings 
    101101        @param settings: the settings for the application 
    102102        """ 
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