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  • Updated README with note that the instructions outlined in there do ONLY apply to stable releases of PARPG
  • If you're trying to build from SVN, follow these instructions:
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  • trunk/game/README

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    22                            PARPG TECHDEMO 1 README 
    3                           Last Updated: 10 March 2010 
     3                          Last Updated: 15 December 2010 
    99== Table of contents == 
    10 01 Preamble 
    11 02 License 
    12 03 Supported operating systems 
    13 04 How to run PARPG 
    14 05 Keybinds 
    15 06 Settings 
    16 07 Map editor 
    17 08 Known bugs / limitations 
    18 09 How to provide feedback 
    19 10 Acknowlegements 
     1001 Important note 
     1102 Preamble 
     1203 License 
     1304 Supported operating systems 
     1405 How to run PARPG 
     1506 Keybindings 
     1607 Settings 
     1708 Map editor 
     1809 Known bugs / limitations 
     1910 How to provide feedback 
     2011 Acknowlegements 
    21 == 01 Preamble == 
     22== 01 Important note == 
     23The install instructions outlined in this README only apply to official stable releases of PARPG! In case you're reading this file but want to test an SVN version of PARPG, please read the install instructions for SVN versions that found at our project wiki instead: 
     25== 02 Preamble == 
    2226This preamble has been written to give you an upfront overview of the current status of the project. In the last months the project slowed down considerably and we basically decided that we'll rather release what we have right now instead of trying to implement more features and add more content, risking to collapse before we reach the finish line of the first release. 
    2428This said: we didn't manage to fix a number of bugs and didn't reach the original aim to implement a couple of quests that you can actually play through. You can walk around, talk to other characters, change to different (placeholder) maps, listen to background audio tracks and play around with the settings. That's it. It's possible that this is the first and last official PARPG release due the issues we are facing lately. Hopefully this release will help to attract some fresh blood that will get the project back on track. If not, it was at least fun for us to spend a year of our life on such a project and release what we have achieved to the public. And move on after that. 
    26 == 02 License == 
     30== 03 License == 
    2731* All Python code is licensed under GPL 3.0. For the full license see: <PARPG>/game/license/gpl30.license 
    2832* Assets are either licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 BY-SA or public domain. For the full licenses see: <PARPG>/game/license/cc30_by_sa.license & <PARPG>/game/license/public_domain.license 
    2933* Most directories contain an <asset>.license file that states under which license the specific assets in the directory are released under and who created them. Use this file to properly attribute developers in case you reuse PARPG assets in your project 
    31 == 03 Supported operating systems == 
     35== 04 Supported operating systems == 
    3236PARPG is officially supported in combination with these operating systems: 
    3337* Linux (32 & 64bit) 
    3943* OpenBSD (use Linux install instructions) 
    41 == 04 How to run PARPG == 
    42 === 04.1 Linux === 
     45== 05 How to run PARPG == 
     46=== 05.1 Linux === 
    4347* Unpack the fife_r3236_src.tar.gz archive to a folder of your choice (called <FIFE> from now on) 
    4448* Install scons using your package manager 
    5054* cd into the <PARPG> directory and run: ./ 
    52 === 04.2 Mac === 
     56=== 05.2 Mac === 
    5357* Unpack the fife_r3236_src.tar.gz archive to a folder of your choice (called <FIFE> from now on) 
    5458* Install scons using macports 
    6165* cd into the <PARPG> directory and run: ./ 
    63 === 04.3 Win32 === 
     67=== 05.3 Win32 === 
    6468* Run parpg_td1_r522_win32.exe and install PARPG to a location of your choice (called <PARPG> from now on) 
    6569* Make sure that you've installed (Active)Python 2.6, PyYAML and FIFE (they either ship with the installer or can be downloaded with the help of it) 
    6771* To run PARPG with file logging, cd into the <PARPG> directory and execute log_parpg.bat; the log will be written to logfile.txt 
    69 == 05 Keybinds == 
     73== 06 Keybindings == 
    7074* <i> toggles the inventory on and off 
    7175* <t> shows the grid layout 
    7882* <PAUSE> (un)pauses the game 
    80 == 06 Settings == 
     84== 07 Settings == 
    8185There are two ways to change the ingame settings like used renderer, resolution, etc.: 
    8286* Press <ESC> and select Options from the menu 
    8387* Edit <PARPG>/game/settings.xml manually, entries are mostly self-explanatory 
    85 == 07 Map editor == 
     89== 08 Map editor == 
    8690* To run the PARPG map editor, cd into the PARPG directory and execute 
    8791* A work in progress map editor tutorial can be found at 
    89 == 08 Known bugs / limitations == 
     93== 09 Known bugs / limitations == 
    9094* FPS rate tends to be rather slow on some systems; the FIFE team is working to address this in their view_performance branch, for details see 
    9195* While it's possible to talk to the NPCs, you can't solve any of the quests without using the ingame console (see ticket #229) 
    99103* Full list of open tickets can be found at 
    101 == 09 How to provide feedback == 
     105== 10 How to provide feedback == 
    102106You can reach the development team in a couple of ways and provide feedback: 
    103107* PARPG forums: 
    108112All feedback is welcome! 
    110 == 10 Acknowlegements == 
     114== 11 Acknowlegements == 
    111115We thank everyone who supported the project and believed in the idea of creating an old school isometric 2d RPG despite the general trend of more and more higher budget cross platform (read: consoles and win32) 3d RPGs. We do especially want to thank qubodup, a loyal follower who supported the project since its first steps and has helped us by spreading the word about PARPG with his ingame videos and his continued news coverage at 
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