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Ticket #269: Patch by Technomage.

  • Working prototype of the redesigned DialogueEngine? for the upcoming Techdemo2 release; major redesign of the existing DialogueEngine? and YAML dialogue file syntax.
  • Moved the redesigned DialogueEngine? class to the more descriptive dialogueengine.py module; the DialogueEngine? is now a singleton object and provides all functionality through class methods and attributes, and thus should not be instantiated
  • Abstracted the data structures used to store dialogue data away from the YAML data structures; the relevant classes are stored in the dialogue.py module
  • Abstracted the dialogue commands/actions from the DialogueEngine? code to make modifications and maintenance of dialogue logic easier; the relevant classes are stored in the dialogueactions.py module
  • The PyYAML loader has been replaced with a more robust YamlDialogueParser? class (see the dialogueparsers.py module) that interfaces with the new dialogue data structure classes and supports the new YAML dialogue file syntax; an OldYamlDialogueParser? class is provided to support reading the old Techdemo1 syntax
  • Removed the existing dialogue validator; runtime dialogue validation is not yet implemented
  • Added the convert_dialogue script, which converts dialogue files in the old Techdemo1 format to the new format; all existing dialogue files have been converted to work with the new parser
  • Added two support modules for the new classes and script: ordereddict.py, which provides a Python 2.7-like OrderedDict? class for Python versions 2.4-2.6; optionparser.py, which is a simplified command-line option parser for writing scripts as an alternative to argparse and optparse
  • Updated the dialogue_demo.py script to work with the new DialogueEngine?
  • fixes[s:trac, t:269]
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  • trunk

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  • trunk/game/scripts/gamemodel.py

    r667 r668  
    1919import sys 
    2020import os.path 
     21import logging 
    2122from copy import deepcopy 
    3132from common.utils import parseBool 
    3233from inventory import Inventory 
     34from scripts.dialogueparser import YamlDialogueParser, DialogueFormatError 
    732734        """Searches the dialogue directory for dialogues """ 
    733735        files = locateFiles("*.yaml", self.dialogues_directory) 
    734         for dialogue_file in files: 
    735             dialogue_file = os.path.relpath(dialogue_file).replace("\\", "/") 
    736             dialogues = yaml.load_all(file(dialogue_file, "r")) 
    737             for dialogue in dialogues: 
    738                 self.dialogues[dialogue["NPC"]] = dialogue 
     736        dialogue_parser = YamlDialogueParser() 
     737        for dialogue_filepath in files: 
     738            dialogue_filepath = os.path.relpath(dialogue_filepath) \ 
     739                                .replace("\\", "/") 
     740            # Note Technomage 2010-11-13: the new DialogueEngine uses its own 
     741            #     parser now, YamlDialogueParser. 
     742#            dialogues = yaml.load_all(file(dialogue_file, "r")) 
     743            with file(dialogue_filepath, 'r') as dialogue_file: 
     744                try: 
     745                    dialogue = dialogue_parser.load(dialogue_file) 
     746                except DialogueFormatError as error: 
     747                    logging.error('unable to load dialogue file {0}: {1}' 
     748                                  .format(dialogue_filepath, error)) 
     749                else: 
     750                    self.dialogues[dialogue.npc_name] = dialogue 
     751            # Note Technomage 2010-11-13: the below code is used to load 
     752            #     multiple dialogues from a single file. Is this functionality 
     753            #     used/necessary? 
     754#            for dialogue in dialogues: 
     755#                self.dialogues[dialogue["NPC"]] = dialogue 
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