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08/09/10 08:43:00 (9 years ago)

Patch by Q_x

  • Moved item descriptions from the tickets to the object database.

(I resigned to make small bitmaps for the items lying on the ground, as we have a generic bitmap, which will be enough for a longer while)

  • fixes[t:157]
  • fixes[t:158]
  • fixes[t:163]
  • fixes[t:164]
  • fixes[t:166]
  • fixes[t:169]
  • fixes[t:170]
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  • trunk/game/objects/object_database.yaml

    r618 r634  
    4545  image: /gui/inv_images/inv_giftbox.png 
    4646  actions: 
     47    Look: 
     48      text: Jenna's gift box. She gave it to you so you would take it to Pete Niitty. The wrapping is some kind of colorful plastic paper and looks almost new. You wonder what could be inside. 
    4749    Use: 
    4850      text: Open 
    7880  actions: 
    7981    Look: 
    80       text: Full pack of instant potatoes. "Now with butter flavour! Just add water!" Yummy! 
     82      text: A box of Instant Taters. Now With More Starch! There are five portion-sized bags inside, just add hot water. 
    8284Wild potato: 
    102104  actions: 
    103105    Look: 
    104       text: Old pot. Rusty, sooty, heavyweight and durable. 
     106      text: An old pre-war cooking pot. It is roughly 30 centimeters in diameter. There must have been a time when it was non-stick, but in places the coating has worn off and rust is creeping in. The handles and lid are metal and heat up along with the pot. 
    105107    BrewBeer: 
    110112  actions: 
    111113    Look: 
    112       text: Heavy, sturdy meat hook. 
     114      text: A meat hook. The hook is attached to a rough handle - it shouldn't be too difficult to remove it, though. 
    114116Empty beer bottle: 
    133135  actions: 
    134136    Look: 
    135       text: A small pocket knife, simple, rusty and neglected, with a single crude blade only. 
     137      text: A small pocket knife, simple and neglected, with one crude blade only. 
    137139Bag of grain: 
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