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Patch by mvbarracuda:

  • Fixing broken ingame dialogues (really, this time); NOTE: this will likely break the dialogue unit test but working ingame dialogues are more important than the broken unit test
  • Adding missing placeholder portrait for Kimmo
  • Updated README (Python & PyYAML)
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  • trunk/game/README

    r519 r520  
    131304 How to run PARPG 
    141405 Keybinds 
    15 06 Map editor 
    16 07 Known bugs / limitations 
    17 08 How to provide feedback 
    18 09 Acknowlegements 
     1506 Settings 
     1607 Map editor 
     1708 Known bugs / limitations 
     1809 How to provide feedback 
     1910 Acknowlegements 
    2021== 01 Preamble == 
    7980* <PAUSE> (un)pauses the game 
    81 == 06 Map editor == 
     82== 06 Settings == 
     83There are two ways to change the ingame settings like used renderer, resolution, etc.: 
     84* Press <ESC> and select Options from the menu 
     85* Edit <PARPG>/game/settings.xml manually, entries are mostly self-explanatory 
     87== 07 Map editor == 
    8288* To run the PARPG map editor, cd into the PARPG directory and execute 
    8389* A work in progress map editor tutorial can be found at 
    85 == 07 Known bugs / limitations == 
     91== 08 Known bugs / limitations == 
    8692* FPS rate tends to be rather slow on some systems; the FIFE team is working to address this in their view_performance branch, for details see 
    8793* While it's possible to talk to the NPCs, you can't solve any of the quests without using the ingame console (see ticket #229) 
    95101* Full list of open tickets can be found at 
    97 == 08 How to provide feedback == 
     103== 09 How to provide feedback == 
    98104You can reach the development team in a couple of ways and provide feedback: 
    99105* PARPG forums: 
    104110All feedback is welcome! 
    106 == 09 Acknowlegements == 
     112== 10 Acknowlegements == 
    107113We thank everyone who supported the project and believed in the idea of creating an old school isometric 2d RPG despite the general trend of more and more higher budget cross platform (read: consoles and win32) 3d RPGs. We do especially want to thank qubodup, a loyal follower who supported the project since its first steps and has helped us by spreading the word about PARPG with his ingame videos and his continued news coverage at 
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