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05/05/09 14:43:39 (11 years ago)

Added new graphics by shrew81.
Cleaned up some map mess.

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  • trunk/PARPG/maps/map.xml

    r49 r52  
    88        <import file="../objects/ground/block/block.xml"></import> 
    10         <import file="../objects/buildings/building1/building1a.xml"></import> 
    11         <import file="../objects/buildings/building1/building1b.xml"></import> 
    12         <import file="../objects/buildings/building1/building1c.xml"></import> 
    13         <import file="../objects/buildings/building1/building1d.xml"></import> 
    14         <import file="../objects/buildings/building1/building1e.xml"></import> 
    15         <import file="../objects/buildings/building1/building1f.xml"></import> 
    16         <import file="../objects/buildings/building1/building1g.xml"></import> 
    18         <import file="../objects/buildings/building1/building1h.xml"></import> 
     10        <import file="../objects/buildings/building1/building1.xml"></import> 
    1911        <import file="../objects/buildings/building2/building2.xml"></import> 
    2012        <import file="../objects/buildings/building3/building3.xml"></import> 
    922914                        <i x="11.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-7.0" r="0"></i> 
    923915                        <i x="12.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-7.0" r="0"></i> 
    924                         <i x="-6.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-13.0" r="0"></i> 
    925                         <i x="-5.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-13.0" r="0"></i> 
    926                         <i x="-4.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-13.0" r="0"></i> 
    927                         <i x="-3.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-13.0" r="0"></i> 
    928                         <i x="-2.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-13.0" r="0"></i> 
    929                         <i x="-1.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-13.0" r="0"></i> 
    930                         <i x="-6.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-12.0" r="0"></i> 
    931                         <i x="-5.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-12.0" r="0"></i> 
    932                         <i x="-4.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-12.0" r="0"></i> 
    933                         <i x="-3.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-12.0" r="0"></i> 
    934                         <i x="-2.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-12.0" r="0"></i> 
    935                         <i x="-1.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-12.0" r="0"></i> 
    936                         <i x="-6.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
    937                         <i x="-6.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
    938                         <i x="-5.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
    939                         <i x="-4.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
    940                         <i x="-3.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
    941                         <i x="-2.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
    942                         <i x="-1.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
     917                        <i x="-6.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="-13.0" r="0"></i> 
     918                        <i x="-5.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="-13.0" r="0"></i> 
     919                        <i x="-4.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="-13.0" r="0"></i> 
     920                        <i x="-3.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="-13.0" r="0"></i> 
     921                        <i x="-2.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="-13.0" r="0"></i> 
     922                        <i x="-1.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="-13.0" r="0"></i> 
     923            <i x="-1.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="-12.0" r="0"></i> 
     925                        <i x="-6.0" o="gravel" z="0.0" y="-12.0" r="0"></i> 
     926                        <i x="-5.0" o="gravel" z="0.0" y="-12.0" r="0"></i> 
     927                        <i x="-4.0" o="gravel" z="0.0" y="-12.0" r="0"></i> 
     928                        <i x="-3.0" o="gravel" z="0.0" y="-12.0" r="0"></i> 
     929                        <i x="-2.0" o="gravel" z="0.0" y="-12.0" r="0"></i> 
     930                        <i x="-6.0" o="gravel" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
     931                        <i x="-6.0" o="gravel" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
     932                        <i x="-5.0" o="gravel" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
     933                        <i x="-4.0" o="gravel" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
     934                        <i x="-3.0" o="gravel" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
     936                        <i x="-2.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
     937                        <i x="-1.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
    943938                        <i x="-4.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="3.0" r="0"></i> 
    944939                        <i x="-4.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="4.0" r="0"></i> 
    10851080                        <i x="11.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-7.0" r="0"></i> 
    10861081                        <i x="12.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-7.0" r="0"></i> 
     1083                        <i x="-6.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
     1084                        <i x="-6.0" o="building1" z="0.0" y="-12.0" r="0"></i> 
    10871085                        <i x="-5.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-12.0" r="0"></i> 
    1089                         <i x="-6.0" o="building1a" z="0.0" y="-13.0" r="0"></i> 
    1090                         <i x="-6.0" o="building1b" z="0.0" y="-12.0" r="0"></i> 
    1091                         <i x="-6.0" o="building1c" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
    1092                         <i x="-5.0" o="building1d" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
    1093                         <i x="-4.0" o="building1e" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
    1094                         <i x="-3.0" o="building1f" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
    1095                         <i x="-2.0" o="building1g" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
    1096                         <i x="-1.0" o="building1h" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
    1098                         <i x="-6.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-13.0" r="0"></i> 
    1099                         <i x="-5.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-13.0" r="0"></i> 
    1100                         <i x="-4.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-13.0" r="0"></i> 
    1101                         <i x="-3.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-13.0" r="0"></i> 
    1102                         <i x="-2.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-13.0" r="0"></i> 
    1103                         <i x="-1.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-13.0" r="0"></i> 
     1086                        <i x="-5.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
     1087                        <i x="-4.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
    11041088                        <i x="-4.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-12.0" r="0"></i> 
     1089                        <i x="-3.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-11.0" r="0"></i> 
    11051090                        <i x="-3.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-12.0" r="0"></i> 
    11061091                        <i x="-2.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-12.0" r="0"></i> 
    1107                         <i x="-1.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-12.0" r="0"></i> 
    11081093                        <i x="-4.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="3.0" r="0"></i> 
    11091094                        <i x="-4.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="4.0" r="0"></i> 
  • trunk/PARPG/utilities/

    r49 r52  
    2020# place defines here 
    22 TILE_WIDTH  =   70 
     22TILE_WIDTH  =   72 
    2424# this is very much a simple routine, but we still have a simple class 
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