Changeset 45

04/22/09 15:37:31 (11 years ago)

Removed utility (not needed anymore).
Now building gfxs do not need to be split up.
Added simple building to map file.

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  • trunk/PARPG/maps/map.xml

    r44 r45  
    88        <import file="../objects/ground/block/block.xml"></import> 
    10         <import file="../objects/buildings/building-base0.xml"></import> 
    11         <import file="../objects/buildings/building-base1.xml"></import> 
    12         <import file="../objects/buildings/building-base2.xml"></import> 
    13         <import file="../objects/buildings/building-base3.xml"></import> 
    14         <import file="../objects/buildings/building-base4.xml"></import> 
    15         <import file="../objects/buildings/building-base5.xml"></import> 
     10        <import file="../objects/buildings/building.xml"></import> 
    1712        <import file="../objects/ground/grass/transition/grass-tc01.xml"></import> 
    5853                        <i x="0.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-1.0" r="0"></i> 
    5954                        <i x="-1.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="0.0" r="0"></i> 
    60                         <i x="-1.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="-1.0" r="0"></i> 
     55                        <i x="-1.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-1.0" r="0"></i> 
    6156                        <i x="0.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-2.0" r="0"></i> 
    6257                        <i x="2.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="0.0" r="0"></i> 
    6358                        <i x="1.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="1.0" r="0"></i> 
    6459                        <i x="2.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="1.0" r="0"></i> 
    65                         <i x="-1.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="-2.0" r="0"></i> 
    66                         <i x="-2.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="-2.0" r="0"></i> 
    67                         <i x="-2.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="-1.0" r="0"></i> 
     60                        <i x="-1.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-2.0" r="0"></i> 
     61                        <i x="-2.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-2.0" r="0"></i> 
     62                        <i x="-2.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-1.0" r="0"></i> 
    6863                        <i x="-2.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="0.0" r="0"></i> 
    6964                        <i x="-2.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="1.0" r="0"></i> 
    7065                        <i x="-2.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="2.0" r="0"></i> 
    71                         <i x="-2.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="-3.0" r="0"></i> 
     66                        <i x="-2.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-3.0" r="0"></i> 
    7267                        <i x="-1.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="2.0" r="0"></i> 
    7368                        <i x="0.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="2.0" r="0"></i> 
    7469                        <i x="1.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="2.0" r="0"></i> 
    7570                        <i x="2.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="2.0" r="0"></i> 
    76                         <i x="-1.0" o="grass-a" z="0.0" y="-3.0" r="0"></i> 
     71                        <i x="-1.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-3.0" r="0"></i> 
    7772                        <i x="0.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-3.0" r="0"></i> 
    7873                        <i x="1.0" o="brick" z="0.0" y="-3.0" r="0"></i> 
    123118            <i x="1.0" o="grass-ts02" y="-1.0" r="0" z="0.0"></i> 
    124119            <i x="2.0" o="grass-ts02" y="-1.0" r="0" z="0.0"></i> 
    125             <i x="0.0" o="grass-ts06" y="-1.0" r="0" z="0.0"></i> 
    126             <i x="0.0" o="grass-ts04" y="-2.0" r="0" z="0.0"></i> 
    127             <i x="0.0" o="grass-ts12" y="-3.0" r="0" z="0.0"></i> 
     120            <i x="0.0" o="grass-ts02" y="-1.0" r="0" z="0.0"></i> 
     121            <i x="-1.0" o="grass-ts02" y="-1.0" r="0" z="0.0"></i> 
     122            <i x="-2.0" o="grass-ts04" y="-2.0" r="0" z="0.0"></i> 
     123            <i x="-2.0" o="grass-ts06" y="-1.0" r="0" z="0.0"></i> 
     124            <i x="-2.0" o="grass-ts12" y="-3.0" r="0" z="0.0"></i> 
     125            <i x="-1.0" o="grass-ts08" y="-3.0" r="0" z="0.0"></i> 
     126            <i x="0.0" o="grass-ts08" y="-3.0" r="0" z="0.0"></i> 
    128127            <i x="1.0" o="grass-ts08" y="-3.0" r="0" z="0.0"></i> 
    129128            <i x="2.0" o="grass-ts08" y="-3.0" r="0" z="0.0"></i> 
    137136                <instances> 
    138137                        <i x="0.0" o="boy" y="0.0" r="0" id="PC" z="0.0"></i> 
     138                        <i x="-1.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-3.0" r="0"></i> 
    139139                        <i x="2.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-2.0" r="0"></i> 
    140                         <i x="1.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-1.0" r="0"></i> 
    141                         <i x="2.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-1.0" r="0"></i> 
    142140                        <i x="1.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-2.0" r="0"></i> 
    143                         <i x="0.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-1.0" r="0"></i> 
    144                         <i x="0.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-2.0" r="0"></i> 
     141                        <i x="0.0" o="building" z="0.0" y="-2.0" r="0"></i> 
    145142                        <i x="0.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-3.0" r="0"></i> 
    146143                        <i x="1.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-3.0" r="0"></i> 
    148145                        <i x="3.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-3.0" r="0"></i> 
    149146                        <i x="3.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-2.0" r="0"></i> 
     147                        <i x="-2.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-1.0" r="0"></i> 
     148                        <i x="-2.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-2.0" r="0"></i> 
     149                        <i x="-2.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-3.0" r="0"></i> 
     150                        <i x="-1.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-2.0" r="0"></i> 
     151                        <i x="-1.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-1.0" r="0"></i> 
     152                        <i x="0.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-1.0" r="0"></i> 
     153                        <i x="1.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-1.0" r="0"></i> 
     154                        <i x="2.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-1.0" r="0"></i> 
    150155                        <i x="3.0" o="block" z="0.0" y="-1.0" r="0"></i> 
    151156                </instances> 
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