Changeset 182 for trunk/PARPG

07/06/09 02:19:12 (11 years ago)

Put some help text in and also made it look better. I'm not very happy with pychan at the moment
because there is no word wrap on Labels, but I won't complain anymore within an SVN commit

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  • trunk/PARPG/gui/help.xml

    r147 r182  
    1 <Window title="PARPG Help" min_size="250,300" max_size="250,300"> 
     1<Window title="PARPG Help" min_size="350,300" max_size="350,300"> 
    22  <Label name="MainHelpText" /> 
    3   <Label text="====================" /> 
    4   <Label name="KeybindText" /> 
    5   <Label text="====================" /> 
    6   <Label text="[br]For more info, visit:[br][br]" /> 
    7   <Spacer /> 
     3  <ScrollArea size="250,350" horizontal_scrollbar="0"> 
     4    <Label name="KeybindText"/> 
     5  </ScrollArea> 
     6  <Label text="[br]For more info or help, visit:[br][br]" /> 
    87  <Button name="closeButton" text="Close" max_size="50,20"/> 
  • trunk/PARPG/scripts/

    r167 r182  
    153153        help_events = {"closeButton":self.help_dialog.hide} 
    154154        self.help_dialog.mapEvents(help_events) 
    155         main_help_text = "Put help text here" 
    156         k_text = " A : Add a test action to the actions display" 
     155        main_help_text = "Welcome to Post-Apocalyptic RPG or PARPG![br][br]"\ 
     156        "This game is still in development, so please expect for there to be bugs"\ 
     157        " and[br]feel free to tell us about them at[br]"\ 
     158        "This game uses a \"Point 'N' Click\" interface, which means that to move around,[br]"\ 
     159        "just click where you would like to go and your character will move there.[br]"\ 
     160        "PARPG also utilizes a context menu. To access this, just right click "\ 
     161        "anywhere[br]on the screen and a menu will come up. This menu will change"\ 
     162        " depending on[br]what you have clicked on, hence it's name \"context menu\".[br][br]" 
     164        k_text =" Keybindings"  
     165        k_text+="[br] A : Add a test action to the actions display" 
    157166        k_text+="[br] I : Toggle the inventory screen" 
    158         k_text+="[br]F5 : Take a screenshot" 
    159         k_text+="[br]     (saves to <parpg>/screenshots/)" 
    160         k_text+="[br] M : Toggle music on/off" 
     167        k_text+="[br] F5 : Take a screenshot" 
     168        k_text+="[br]      (saves to <parpg>/screenshots/)" 
    161169        k_text+="[br] Q : Quit the game" 
    162170        self.help_dialog.distributeInitialData({ 
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