source: trunk/game/ @ 684

Revision 653, 368 bytes checked in by beliar, 9 years ago (diff)

Patch by Beliar.

  • Added a class for the action box at the bottom of the screen and replaced the sections in to use this instead. Currently it does the same as before but this may change.
  • Fixed svn eol_style properties of sever python scripts
  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
[653]1from distutils.core import setup
2import py2exe   
4excludes = ['_scproxy', 'dummy.Process', 'guichan', 'objects.createObject']
6setup(options = {"py2exe":{
7                 "excludes": excludes}
8                 },
9      console = [{"script": "", 
10                  "dest_base": "Parpg",
[644]11                  "icon_resources": [(1, "gui/icons/window_icon.ico")]}])
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