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  • Added a nsis script that creates an installer for the binary file create with py2exe.
  • Updated packaging_instructions_win32.txt.
  • Added AdvUninstLog2.nsh that is needed for the nsis script
  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
1To create the installer you need:
31. NSIS:
42. Current Fife SVN - Check if PARPG runs with it first before proceeding.
6What you need to do:
8windows_packaging.nsi: (For creating a setup with the script files)
91. Build FIFE
102. Open a command line and change to the FIFE diretory
113. Run setup bdist_wininst to create an installer for the fife python module.
124. Copy the installer from "<FIFE_DIR>\dist" to "<PARPG_DIR>\packaging\dependencies"
135. Copy oalinst.exe from "<FIFE_DIR>\build\win32\binaries\mingw" to "<PARPG_DIR>\packaging\dependencies"
146. Compile windows_packaging.nsi with NSIS - You can right click on it and select "Compile NSIS script"
157. Finished.
17windows_packaging_exe.nsi: (For creating a setup with a standalone binary)
181. Being able to run the game
192. Delete <PARPG_GAME_DIR>\dist - or move it somewhere else. This is to make sure nothing unnecessary is added.
203. Read create_exe.bat.txt
214. Run create_exe.bat
225. Compile windows_packaging_exe.nsi with NSIS - You can right click on it and select "Compile NSIS script"
236. Finished.
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