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from KB1PKL ticket #281, renaming graphics asses and editing XML to comply with standards

1<?fife type="object"?>
2<object blocking="1" id="blue_volvo" namespace="PARPG" static="1">
3        <image direction="000" source="blue_volvo_000.png" x_offset="0" y_offset="0"/>
4        <image direction="045" source="blue_volvo_045.png" x_offset="0" y_offset="0"/>
5        <image direction="090" source="blue_volvo_090.png" x_offset="0" y_offset="0"/>
6        <image direction="135" source="blue_volvo_135.png" x_offset="0" y_offset="0"/>
7        <image direction="180" source="blue_volvo_180.png" x_offset="0" y_offset="0"/>
8        <image direction="225" source="blue_volvo_225.png" x_offset="0" y_offset="0"/>
9        <image direction="270" source="blue_volvo_270.png" x_offset="0" y_offset="0"/>
10        <image direction="315" source="blue_volvo_315.png" x_offset="0" y_offset="0"/>
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