source: trunk/game/objects/scenery/tables/old/plastic_square/plastic_square5.xml @ 417

Revision 417, 197 bytes checked in by barra_parpg, 10 years ago (diff)

Patch by mvbarracuda & Sirren:

  • Removed the PythonMagick? version of the image slicer and renamed the PIL version
  • Added Sirren's furniture objects from ticket #153
  • Added furniture to map for testing purposes; caution: x and y shifts are not perfect yet, so expect to see blocking and z-ordering issues until they're tweaked
[417]1<?fife type="object"?>
2<object id="plastic_square_table5" namespace="PARPG" blocking="1" static="1">
3        <image source="plastic_square5.png" direction="0" x_offset="0" y_offset="0" />
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