source: trunk/game/objects/scenery/shopping_trolley/beige/damaged/beige_d_trolley.xml @ 504

Revision 430, 793 bytes checked in by barra_parpg, 10 years ago (diff)

Ticket #154. Patch by Sirren & mvbarracuda:

  • Added Sirren's shopping trolleys
  • Caution: x and y offsets haven't been corrected yet, so you'll encounter z-ordering glitches
  • The trolleys are candidates to split them into pieces with the slicer tool; alternatively we could add some invisible blockers around them to work around the z-ordering glitch, but it will look odd that you can't go nowhere near the trolleys in this case
  • comment[t:154]
  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
1<?fife type="object"?>
2<object blocking="1" id="beige_d_trolley" namespace="PARPG" static="1">
3        <image direction="0" source="beige_d_trolley_000.png" x_offset="-50" y_offset="-55" />
4        <image direction="45" source="beige_d_trolley_045.png" x_offset="0" y_offset="0" />
5        <image direction="90" source="beige_d_trolley_090.png" x_offset="0" y_offset="0" />
6        <image direction="135" source="beige_d_trolley_135.png" x_offset="0" y_offset="0" />
7        <image direction="180" source="beige_d_trolley_180.png" x_offset="0" y_offset="0" />
8        <image direction="225" source="beige_d_trolley_225.png" x_offset="0" y_offset="0" />
9        <image direction="270" source="beige_d_trolley_270.png" x_offset="0" y_offset="0" />
10        <image direction="315" source="beige_d_trolley_315.png" x_offset="0" y_offset="0" />
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