source: trunk/game/objects/buildings/gate/pillars_gate.xml @ 403

Revision 403, 169 bytes checked in by barra_parpg, 10 years ago (diff)

Patch by Sirren & mvbarracuda:

  • Added Sirren's gate from #224 to map.xml
  • Note: it looks like there is no way around splitting up the pillars / walls of the gate into several tile-width (70*36px) pieces. Blocking can be done by adding invisible blockers but without splitting up the pillars into several smaller pieces, we'll always run into z-ordering issues.
  • Please test it yourself, all feedback appreciated, if you got an idea how we could implement proper z-ordering without splitting up the pillars / walls, let us know
1<?fife type="object"?>
2<object id="pillars_gate" namespace="PARPG" blocking="1" static="1">
3        <image source="pillars_gate.png" direction="0" y_offset="0"/>
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