source: trunk/game/objects/agents/npcs/long_coat_female/stand/225/animation.xml @ 321

Revision 321, 348 bytes checked in by barra_parpg, 10 years ago (diff)

Patch by Sirren:

  • Fixed player character walk animation (contained a walk frame from an older revision which screwed up the animation)
  • New long coat female model with blond fair to better distinguish it from the male version
  • Please use "stand_<framenumber>.png" instead of "stand_idle_<framenumber>.png" for the standing animations!
1<animation delay="100" namespace="PAPRG" id="long_coat_female:stand:225" x_offset="0" y_offset="-40">
2        <frame source="stand_0.png" />
3        <frame source="stand_1.png" />
4        <frame source="stand_2.png" />
5        <frame source="stand_3.png" />
6        <frame source="stand_4.png" />
7        <frame source="stand_5.png" />
8        <frame source="stand_6.png" />
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