source: trunk/game/objects/ObjectDatabase.yaml @ 537

Revision 537, 181 bytes checked in by beliar, 10 years ago (diff)
  • Added support for an "Object Information Database"
  • Database is a .yaml file
  • Added setting for the database file
  • Database will be loaded when the engine is initiated
  • Database contains attribute values for objects that will overwrite the hard coded default values
  • These values can themselves be overwritten in the map file
  • The database file itself currently only contains 2 objects


  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
2  name: Footlocker
3  text: Just a normal footlocker used to store items.
4  gfx: lock_box_metal01
7  name: Wooden Crate
8  text: A battered crate
9  gfx: crate
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