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Patch by mvbarracuda:

  • techdemo1_ground_level.xml is now a copy of map.xml but with larger ground layer (250*250 tiles)
  • You can test ingame performance by opening settings.xml and changing MapFile? to maps/techdemo1_ground_level.xml
  • Observations: performance is rather sluggish even on my win32 desktop system (15-20fps) and the pathfinding algorithm doesn't seem to cope well with so many tiles and therefore possible paths to calculate (player character seem to be stuck for seconds occasionally)
  • Possible options for PARPG to address the problem:
    • Find the bottleneck in FIFE and either convince the FIFE devs to look into it or figure it out ourselves and send in a patch
    • Go for a smaller map size for techdemo 1; we can reevaluate having larger maps in case the relevant FIFE code gets optimized in the future
  • Property svn:eol-style set to native

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