source: trunk/game/gui/character_screen.xml @ 693

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Patch Technomage

  • Added a placeholder character creation screen accessible from the

main menu via the "New Game" button and an in-game character screen
using the same Pychan XML script.

2 * Buttons have a dimension of 95x20 pixels
3 * 3 pixels vertical spacing is foreseen between buttons
4 * 7 pixels spacing is foreseen above and below the buttons
5 * Total height should be num_button*20 + (num_button-1)*3 + 2*7
7<VBox name="CharacterScreen" padding="0" background_image="gui/main_menu/main_menu_background_under_buttons.png" position_technique="center:center" size="320,340">
8  <ImageButton name="startButton" up_image="gui/main_menu/new_game_plain.png" hover_image="gui/main_menu/new_game_hovered.png" down_image="gui/main_menu/new_game_pressed.png"/>
9  <ImageButton name="cancelButton"  up_image="gui/main_menu/exit_plain.png" hover_image="gui/main_menu/exit_hovered.png" down_image="gui/main_menu/exit_pressed.png"/>
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