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Objects now loaded from seperate XML file.
Cleaned up some small areas in various .py files
Added crate details.
Added some simple documentation in
Removed some remaining RIO code that was not needed.

1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ascii"?>
2<!-- PC, NPC and objects initial data for PARPG maps -->
3<!-- All data that is subject to change by the engine during game time
4     should be stored in this file -->
5<objects format="1.0">
6    <!-- There must be one and one only PC character -->
7    <PC xpos="0.0" ypos="0.0"></PC>
8    <!-- There can be any number of NPC characters -->
9    <NPC gfx="npc=woman" xpos="3.0" ypos="3.0"></NPC>
10    <!-- There can be any number of objects -->
11    <!-- Object blocking is set in the objects own xml file -->
12    <object gfx="crate" xpos="-3.0" ypos="-4.0"></object>
13    <object gfx="crate" xpos="-4.0" ypos="-6.0"></object>
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