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Revision 54, 437 bytes checked in by maximinus_parpg, 11 years ago (diff)

Set Model / View data model for PARPG.
Code no longer looks like Rio demo.
Started to split map from objects.
Added crate and NPC character.

1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ascii"?>
2<objects format="1.0">
3    <!-- There must be one and one only PC character -->
4    <PC xpos="0.0" ypos="0.0"></PC>
5    <!-- There can be any numbers of NPC characters -->
6    <NPC gfx="npc=woman" xpos="3.0" ypos="3.0"></NPC>
7    <!-- There can be any number of objects -->
8    <object gfx="crate" xpos="3.0" ypos="4.0"></object>
9    <object gfx="crate" xpos="3.0" ypos="5.0"></object>
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