source: trunk/PARPG/gui/hud_main_menu.xml @ 113

Revision 113, 560 bytes checked in by bretzel_parpg, 11 years ago (diff)

Fixed some layout issues in the main menu and the options menu

  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
1<Container position_technique="center:center" size="145,153">
2  <Button name="resumeButton" text="Resume Game" position="42,10" max_size="65,20"/>
3  <Button name="saveButton" text="Save Game" position="46,33" max_size="60,20"/>
4  <Button name="loadButton" text="Load Game" position="46,56" max_size="60,20"/>
5  <Button name="optionsButton" text="Options" position="53,79" max_size="45,20"/>
6  <Button name="helpButton" text="Help" position="60,102" max_size="40,20" />
7  <Button name="quitButton" text="Quit" position="60,125" max_size="40,20" />
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