source: trunk/PARPG/gui/help.xml @ 182

Revision 182, 355 bytes checked in by bretzel_parpg, 11 years ago (diff)

Put some help text in and also made it look better. I'm not very happy with pychan at the moment
because there is no word wrap on Labels, but I won't complain anymore within an SVN commit

  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
1<Window title="PARPG Help" min_size="350,300" max_size="350,300">
2  <Label name="MainHelpText" />
3  <ScrollArea size="250,350" horizontal_scrollbar="0">
4    <Label name="KeybindText"/>
5  </ScrollArea>
6  <Label text="[br]For more info or help, visit:[br][br]" />
7  <Button name="closeButton" text="Close" max_size="50,20"/>
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