source: branches/map_loading_change/game/Settings.dtd @ 559

Revision 559, 253 bytes checked in by beliar, 10 years ago (diff)

Patch by Beliar.

  • Imports for the Agents are now loaded by using the information from the *_agents.yaml files. The Agents themselves are still loaded from the map file.
  • Removed the import-definition for the Agents from the map files.
  • Renamed Map to GameMap? to avoid confusion with the built-in map
1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!ELEMENT Module (Setting+)>
2<!ATTLIST Module
3        name CDATA #REQUIRED>
4<!ELEMENT Setting ANY>
5<!ATTLIST Setting
6        name CDATA #REQUIRED
7        type (str, unicode, int, float, bool, list, dict) #IMPLIED
8        strip CDATA #IMPLIED>
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