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  • Added a script file that can be used to create a windows binary from the game script. Read "create_exe.bat.txt" to see how its used.
1This file runs a python script that creates a standalone windows binary file, including needed libraries, from the game script and puts them in the dist folder.
3For this script you need the following (in addition to the games requirements):
4py2exe (
5python library dependencies that are installed as eggs need to be unzipped. This can be done with using -Z (short for --always-unzip) when installing with easy_python (example easy_install -Z pyyaml) or unzipping these manually (eggs are just renamed zips). PyYaml is such a dependency. py2exe with complain if dependencies are missing so check the log.
7Note that the to run the game the folders containing the data need to be in the same folder as the binary.
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