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Patch by Technomage

  • Mostly finished the character creation GUI in gui/character_screen.xml - still needs a few cosmetic touch-ups and it hasn't been tested with stats, traits, and skills lists yet;
  • Added a new CharacterCreationView? class in parpg/gui/ which should be used by the CharacterCreationController? to display the character creation GUI. It is mostly a skeleton at this point, however, and it hasn't been integrated with the controller yet;
  • Fixed a few graphical glitches in the Spinner widget in parpg/gui/ that caused the text field to be positioned incorrectly;
  • Added a few new properties to the Spinner widget, including background_color, min_size and max_size, which override the inherited properties. Spinner widgets that uses these properties should now behave in a much more intuitive way;
  • Re-sized the gui/notebook/notebook_background.png background image to 800x600 to accommodate tab-buttons on the edges of the notebook;
  • Added a new widget, TabWidget?, which consists of a view that has tabs which can switch between the various views. Views in a TabWidget? can be added in XML as child tags whose name attribute ends up as the tab text;
  • Added two new size fonts to fonts/oldtypewriter.fontdef, 9 pt and 10 pt;
3type: truetype
4source: fonts/oldtypewriter.ttf
5size: 12
6antialias: 1
7color: 0,0,0
11type: truetype
12source: fonts/oldtypewriter.ttf
13size: 8
14antialias: 1
15color: 0,0,0
19type: truetype
20source: fonts/oldtypewriter.ttf
21size: 9
22antialias: 1
23color: 0,0,0
27type: truetype
28source: fonts/oldtypewriter.ttf
29size: 10
30antialias: 1
31color: 0,0,0
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