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  • Added the scripts/ module, which defines several classes used to wrap and serialize arbitrary Python objects in various forms. Currently, only XML serialization is supported via the XmlSerializer? class. Classes to be serialized must register themselves with the global SerializableRegistry? first, which constructs a suitable wrapper used to serialize and deserialize class instances;
  • Corrected some errors in the character_scripts/secondary_stats.xml and character_scripts/primary_stats.xml with missing child tags and incorrect tag names. They should now be loaded without error via the XmlSerializer? class;
1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
3  <PrimaryCharacterStatistic>
4    <short_name>ST</short_name>
5    <long_name>strength</long_name>
6    <description>
7      You know, muscle. Boom! Boom! Fiah Powah. Note that physical size and
8      fitness play a role in many "strength" related tasks; in particular, ST
9      is "short term power", for any long term activity Fitness will have to be
10      taken into account.
11    </description>
12  </PrimaryCharacterStatistic>
13  <PrimaryCharacterStatistic>
14    <short_name>FT</short_name>
15    <long_name>fitness</long_name>
16    <description>
17      Fitness is usually called Constitution, Health, or Endurance. I made a
18      distinction here because I wanted to emphasis the difference between
19      "strong" (high ST) and "athletic" (high FT). Fitness, along with
20      Willpower determines your resistance to various physical challenges. Raw
21      size also plays a role in how much "damage" you can absorb.
22    </description>
23  </PrimaryCharacterStatistic>
24  <PrimaryCharacterStatistic>
25    <short_name>CO</short_name>
26    <long_name>coordination</long_name>
27    <description>
28      Coordination is the primary stat for physical skills, it represents "slow
29      and deliberate" actions and as such is analogous to FT as RF is to
30      strength.
31    </description>
32  </PrimaryCharacterStatistic>
33  <PrimaryCharacterStatistic>
34    <short_name>RX</short_name>
35    <long_name>reflexes</long_name>
36    <description>
37      Reflexes determine a characters "fast" reaction speed, it affects
38      physical skills and tasks where speed is of the essence.
39    </description>
40  </PrimaryCharacterStatistic>
41  <PrimaryCharacterStatistic>
42    <short_name>PE</short_name>
43    <long_name>perception</long_name>
44    <description>
45      Perception, of course, has a physical as well as mental component. The
46      stat here represents not just observing your surroundings, but making
47      correct conclusions base on them. It might also be termed "instinctual
48      intelligence", as compared to Reason.
49    </description>
50  </PrimaryCharacterStatistic>
51  <PrimaryCharacterStatistic>
52    <short_name>RE</short_name>
53    <long_name>reason</long_name>
54    <description>
55      Reason is the higher order brain stat. It is the primary governing stat
56      of "book learning" skills; such that you might learn at school. It also
57      helps in puzzle solving and designing or utilizing novel tools or
58      gadgets.
59    </description>
60  </PrimaryCharacterStatistic>
61  <PrimaryCharacterStatistic>
62    <short_name>CH</short_name>
63    <long_name>charisma</long_name>
64    <description>
65      Charisma is the how you win friends and influence people. It is the
66      primary determinant for raw reaction rolls and most social and leadership
67      skills. It is not how good looking you are (there are traits for that),
68      but can substitute in some instances.
69    </description>
70  </PrimaryCharacterStatistic>
71  <PrimaryCharacterStatistic>
72    <short_name>WL</short_name>
73    <long_name>willpower</long_name>
74    <description>
75      Willpower is in someways the mental analogy of Fitness. It plays a strong
76      role in survival of some types of hazards as well as determining, in
77      part, the characters' learning rate. A high WL low FT character is going
78      to get himself in a lot of trouble, because he will push his body to the
79      breaking point and past it.
80    </description>
81  </PrimaryCharacterStatistic>
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